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2012.07.20 (10:43:25)

Eating healthy has never been so delicious

Think safe and nutritious food for many is synonymous with tasteless food, vegetables unattractive and boring, however, now offers a delicious dessert in addition to healthy and nutritious is delicious. Tutti Frutti , frozen yogurt is a soy ice cream, excellent source of protein and vitamins that provide the body with energy and digestive health. Soy helps prevent heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis, and help prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer.     The frozen yogurt Tutti Frutti , is made with natural ingredients that contain probiotics which help improve the health of the body besides being an ice cream with no fat.        Yogurt is a healthy product that benefits the immune system, in addition to many other benefits: • Prevents constipation, diarrhea and bloating. • Prevents colon cancer. • It helps lower cholesterol. • Low blood pressure. • Promotes immune system, preventing infections. • Promotes the absorption of minerals. • Prevents the formation of harmful bacteria caused by stress.     In Tutti Frutti , frozen yogurt world is experienced of delicious flavors and combinations, covered with rich toppings, while enjoying a delicious and healthy dessert.     With its attractive self-service system can serve the flavor you prefer and the amount to be combined with fresh fruit, dried or fun toppings